Broadband & Wireless Technology Consultants since 2004




Broadband Technology Associates LLC, is a Management Consulting firm specializing in assisting Municipalities and other Governmental organizations develop a Strategy and Compliance Plan for the implementation and operations of Municipal Broadband Networks capable of preparing residents and businesses for the onslaught of IoT and Smart City devices becoming enabled every day in your geographies. Our design strategy couples a terrestrial fiber optic infrastructure with a wireless broadband access umbrella to allow scalable high-bandwidth applications without the need for a physical wire connection for Global High-speed communications capabilities.

The BTA Network Design Strategy incorporates industry standard equipment and network management capabilities using widely accepted and fully supported systems and protocols.

BTA will help you research and analyze financial funding mechanisms and develop feasible Return on Investment (ROI) goals.

BTA will educate and guide governmental organizations through the beneficial use and structure of wireless technology and resources, as well as policy making to guide construction and expansion of the 5G and future generations of wireless technology.


Below is a snapshot of Broadband Technology Associates, LLC since its inception:

  • Date of formation: 04-05-2005

  • Legal Structure: Limited Liability Corporation

  • The Technological landscape is forever changing. Disruptive technologies and strategies are guiding a massive amount of change. The term “Broadband” is in a constant state of evolution. What was considered broadband just a few years ago, is now reaching towards the constraints imposed by the very nature of physics.

  • BTA was responsible for the overall technology strategy, architecture, business plan development and budget preparation for the City of Aurora IL, the single most strategic city-wide technology infrastructure in the city's history.

  • Additionally, BTA was technical advisor to the Northeastern Illinois Communications Consortium (NICC) whose purpose was to research and select a vendor for a regional public safety and emergency response 800 MHz radio system upgrade. BTA was also past advisor to the Kane County Board Chairman and represented Kane County Illinois as lead negotiator for all Comcast and Mediacom Cable Franchise agreements.

  • BTA's Chief Executive Officer and Legal Counsel has significant regulatory experience, having served on the Iowa Utilities Board (IUB). During his tenure, the IUB mediated the first case decided under the 1st Order in 1996. Additionally, he served as Vice President Regulatory Affairs for ComEd in Chicago, Illinois.

  • BTA's Chief Information Officer is the former CIO for Cook County Illinois, the second largest county in the United States and was responsible for countywide technology and infrastructure operations for the Office of the President of the Board and 11 Elected Constitutional offices depending on the Bureau of Technology countywide compute and communications infrastructure.

  • To date BTA and its management team has assisted in the negotiations of over $100 Million Dollars worth of equipment and services related to advanced voice and data communications systems.

  • Our Focus Area; Federal Communication Commission (FCC) 3rd Report and Order. America is in the midst of a transition to the next generation of wireless services, known as 5G. These new services can unleash a new wave of entrepreneurship, innovation, and economic opportunity for communities across the country. BTA is prepared to advise and assist with policymaking and handling licensing applications.